Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Old Poem. New Day

I scribbled this poem out after someone gave me a fountain pen.

Ode to Joy

What is to say is the sweet nectar of life. 
Is it to behold a loved one's face or to sit in the sweet breast of a tree, 
the breeze trickling through, moving your hair as gently as a lover. 
Oh the sweet, sweet breeze, 
how it tumbles and plays like strings on a harp 
making the most beautiful harmony.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Change & Death

Trying to live forever? Trying to be forever young? What’s missing out of this equation? Things change. That’s life. That’s growth. That’s evolution. And when it’s our time to pass onto the other side, back to the life of spirit, it means that we are facing another change. Like any change, we may fear it. For me, it’s the greatest blessing because my earth lesson’s are done and I can move onto the next phase of my soul development.