Friday, December 5, 2008

A few of my Favorite Things

With all the changes going on this year, there’s one thing that remains constant in my life - my need/desire to take off weight. In L.A., I ascribed my weight gain to each stressful reality tv production I was on. (Often productions stash high-calorie junk food in their kitchens and when working 60, 70 hour weeks, it's too easy to indulge in these snacks for energy/comfort) First I had to take off my Three Wishes weight, which I put on after taking off 15 pounds of my Outback Jack weight. The final 10 pounds will be my Bachelor weight. But now I have to contend with my Sonoma 5. Ah, the artisan bread and cheese up here. Despite being surrounded by wineries, most of my “tastings” occur at the cheese counter in Whole Foods. But oh is it delicious!

So despite my need/desire to decrease poundage, I set off to Starbucks to reward sending off a submission with a holiday treat – the Eggnog Latte. I indulge in these high calorie things only a few times a year. So I ordered mine with soy milk. The cashier asked me if I knew that it wasn’t nonfat. Is this new Starbucks policy to warn people of their high calorie, high-costing lattes? Well anyway, the Barrista piped up that the soy milk was far less fattening. I’m not so much concerned with the fat as the high sugar syrups they add to these froo-froo drinks. But then again, every one in awhile….

At Trader Joe’s, I forewent my usual getting of Shade Grown coffee for the Winter Blend. It tastes just like the Eggnog latte, and yes, without the sugar, high fat, and expense. Take that Starbucks! Of course, I could have just taken the spices of the Winter Blend and added them to my Shade Grown coffee…. Next time… This blend, so far, has cut down the sugar cravings… If you don’t have TJs to go to, the spices are cinnamon, cloves, and peppercorns. Delicious!


Madabip said...

Seriously? Peppercorn in coffee? I love lots of pepper, but never thought to put it in coffee.

There are a couple people you might want to follow on Twitter. One is @marlaerwin who is the interactive director for Whole Foods Corp., and the other is her colleage who is WF's global cheese buyer, @WFMCheese -- she doesn't tweet much but her avatar is fun!


Jen Pearlman said...

OOOOOH NOOOOOOO - You're stoking my cheese habit! Peppercorns do sound weird which is why I'm glad it's seasonal coffee!

Thanks for the commen!