Sunday, January 3, 2010

Seeing Things in Sand

Letting things wash away....

I just watched a video of an artist who draws giant figures in the sand. He stands close to the waves, creating; knowing that his endeavors will wash away in a matter of hours. This doesn't deter him. His focus is on the moment, one line at a time. I saw the freedom in this approach. His canvas is ever-changing. Nothing permanent. It's all in the creation of the now. He knows he'll have to create something new the next day. Maybe that's what motivates him to continue.

His work reminded me of the idea of the Tibetan Sand Mandalas.

Take a look at this amazing man:


CrypticFragments said...

I am working so hard on this being in the now...impermanence...I have never studied Buddhism...but living in McleodGanj with the Tibetan Buddhists the past 3+ months has really affected me... Especially now, as today marks exactly one week from my departure date...I sit and watch them all, those beautiful souls, outside the Main Temple of His Holiness...and even while my heart aches, I breathe and know it will go on and that if it is my karma I will be here with them again soon

Jen Pearlman said...

Tammy, I've studied Buddhism for years & I still can get "stuck" on impermanence. Then I get a kick from the Universe as a reminder. Things change. The Universe evolves. And our soul benefits. Much peace & love to you! - Jen