Monday, February 14, 2011

Perfect Day

I was watching a talk show last week where the host asked his guests, "What is your most memorable moment?" I've contemplated this question before, searching for the answer, wondering if I could pinpoint one event. I had several in mind but not one encapsulated a "perfect moment" where I felt it could sum up my life as saying, "This enthralled, inspired..." etc., etc. I've had mini-moments that built up to those kinds of feelings but they didn't stand on their own as being THE MOST MEMORABLE.

Yet, there is one moment I think about when I gauge my happiness, a moment I consider when thinking about how I want to live my life. I was in art class drawing. As we drew, the art teacher played classical music in the background. That day he played Baroque. A bird landed outside the window and began to sing along with the music. I listened to the bird singing up and down as a perfect companion to the music's intricate patterns. It awed me and I felt completely happy.

Thinking about that moment now, I still feel what I felt: perfect happiness, perfect content, perfect harmonious beauty. There hasn't been a moment quite like that again, but I look for it always as I stop to listen to birdsong or the wind blowing on the grass.

Perhaps my life's poetry consists of moments built into verse that I can sing to myself to light up the dawn when I forget that it just takes one moment of beauty to bring perfect content...

What's your best day?

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PoeticHeart said...

We all so need those kinds of moments...*sigh lovely a birdsong.