Thursday, April 7, 2011

Second paragraph of my book

Thanks to all the encouragement, I'm posting the second paragraph of my book:

I bottomed out, and in those times, you can’t hide anymore. I hit a wall so hard it shook me to the core. For the past six years, I’d been painstakingly working my way up in Hollywood post-production, climbing to a position where I thought I could be more valued. When I got to that level, all my expectations of how my accomplishments would feel didn’t happen. My self-doubts that plagued me on the climb up weren’t cured; I still doubted my abilities, weighing myself against others. And in this new position of responsibility, I felt even more pressure to prove myself. So I worked hard which led to my getting even more responsibility. This gave me confidence that I was actually proving myself. But another voice inside me that gets buried too often rose up and said, “Why are you working harder than others but getting paid less?” This thought started driving me to the brink.


PoeticHeart said...

Goshhhhh I feel this, if not for a lot of people encountered online and support of family...I may have just fallen....excellent writing.

goawaycomeback said...

Love it!! You have me hooked. Next please.:)

it's that mykle! said...

I'm hooked too!!!!!!! This book is going to kick ass gurl! I want MORE MORE MORE!!!!