Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Life's Paradoxes

I'm organizing my writer's scribbles - those thoughts that burst and have to be caught on paper. I have endless notes on endless scraps of paper which I'm trying to organize into some rhyme or reason.

Here's one I scribbled a few months ago. I remember now I wrote it for a script.

“What are you doing here?” 
“I came for you. I came to find the answers.” 
“But you know the answer already. How else could you have gotten here?”

It's a script for a spirit journey. Does it sound familiar to you?



Detlef Cordes said...

The reminds me of "In front of the law" (my translation of the title) by Franz Kafka. "In front of the law" there is a doorman. But that particular door is for the specific person at the door only - who doesn't dare to ask for entry....

Jen Pearlman said...

Interesting insight! My question, for the person in Kafka's piece, is what holds that person back from thinking he (or she) can enter. Self-doubt? A question of worthiness? We struggle so long to attain something, how do we know when we get it? Another paradox.

Detlef Cordes said...

It's the doorman who intimidates the person and just before the person dies in front of the door, too weak to rise any more the doorman says: "This door was for you only. I am closing it now."