Tuesday, April 7, 2009

A Different Roost

The overcast day reflects my mood. I'm feeling cloudy, and a bit bedraggled because of financial stress. I set off to Trader Joe's in need to replenish my soy milk supply. I take the longer route along the country road rather than the highway. I love winding up and down on this road taking in the view, so much so I have to force myself to keep up with the speed limit of 45. Birds twitter and flutter around. Vineyards span out into the horizon. As I near passing under an overhanging telephone wire that crosses above the road, I spot a large black object sitting on it. It could be anything. I've seen partial tree trunks on some. I think it's a bird though. As I pass under, the wings become more clear and so does its bright red skin flap on its head and whatever you call the dangling red skin that rooster's have. A rooster? What's a rooster doing sitting on the telephone wire? I let out a giant laugh. It's just a silly sight. My spirits totally perk up. A rooster sitting in the oddest way springs me out of my dark mindset. I mean, anything is possible right? A rooster....

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