Wednesday, April 22, 2009


The headline today reads recent CFO of Freddie Mac hangs himself. I'm truly upset by this news.

I've been pondering, more like wallowing in, why the people responsible for this economic mess aren't taken out of the way, banished, held responsible or at least paying back something, anything for causing so much suffering.

I know few people, including myself, who aren't completely stressed by today's economic downturn. Why are we bearing the brunt of other's complete irresponsibility!

I'm not suprised that as Obama brandished a stern finger at those at the helm of the economic fiasco, he's been seen as a father disciplining the kids. These actions are nothing less than sophmoric. And we need a stern parent right now because the kids haven't been acting with any rules. They've been testing how much they can actually get away with. A good parent knows that kids need rules and discipline. Kids are taught to share and play nicely with others. Aren't they?

We've been aghast at how these so called finance wizards have been behaving. Bonuses? Lavish parties? Who really do these people think they are? Are they just a bunch of spoiled brats that feel entitled to everything because no one has told them NO! before?

Why haven't these people been banished to their respective "rooms" without supper?

Party time is over. Sadly, for all of us who don't have the disposable income this is true for us as well...

With mass shootings on the rise, I wonder if this is, as some have commented, due to stress of our economic times. If so, why are they not targeted at the culprits? (not that I advocate they should... ) Then I read about the hanging. He didn't come on board as CFO of Freddie Mac until Sept. Could he have had anything to do with their shenanegans? Was he bearing the responsibility of others and that being too much to handle, he ended his life?

I felt for him, I felt for his family. I felt the same as I did for the teenage boy in Long Beach whose father shot himself after his killing spree at his job. Sad, knowing he doesn't have a father now to turn to.

Finding who to blame hasn't settled my mind or fixed my own problems. I have to do that myself. I have to be my own parent. So I whine and then settle down to business. What else is there to do?

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